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Membership Qualification

  • A Malaysian citizen of Jaffnese origin;
  • Applicant must be above 18 years old.
  • Applicant is to be a resident or be employed or be in ownership of land within the area of operation of this society
  • Applicant must not be a person against whom a conviction stands for a registrable offence, or be mentally disabled, or who is an undischarged bankrupt or who has been expelled from membership of any Co-operative and a period of one year has not elapsed from the date of expulsion.

Application for Membership

  • Application Form shall be attained from the JCS Office and completed and submitted / addressed to the secretary of the society.
  • Every application shall be submitted together with an entrance fee of Ringgit Malaysia One (1) only.
  • The entrance fee shall be refunded to the applicant if his application for membership is rejected by the board.
  • A person who applies for membership of the shall sign a declaration that he will be bound by the existing By-laws of the society and the rules governing the activities of the society and any amendment to such By-laws and Rules made during the period of his membership, and the he is not an undischarged bankrupt or that he is not a person on whom a conviction of a registrable offence stands and that he has not been expelled from the membership of any co-operative society during the period of one year.